I’m an artist and designer passionate about creating meaningful educational experiences.  I’m addicted to learning new things and equally passionate about passing this addiction on to others. I believe the most valuable thing anyone can learn or teach, is how to embrace the creative process.
I have a BFA in illustration from the California College of the Arts and a Masters in Education from Stanford, where I completed the Learning, Design & Technology program.  I’ve worked in both formal and informal education settings as a teacher, workshop facilitator, and curriculum writer.  I’ve also worked in the art and media arena as an illustrator, graphic designer, and web developer.
Happily (after several years of unsuccessfully trying to choose one of these things to do “for real”) I’ve found a way to combine all my interests by focusing on the space where education and design meet.  I am especially excited about any project that includes one or more of the following phrases: design thinking, curriculum development, exhibit design, innovation education, and project-based learning.  I’m interested in the intersection between formal and informal environments, the power of narrative and visual communication, and what it really takes to foster creative problem solving.

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